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Zahyra Garcia

Parent and Community Organizer

Zahyra Garcia was born in Acapulco, Mexico and grew up in the Bible Belt as a queer person of color and an undocumented immigrant. At 18, she moved to the West Coast where she met and married her wife, Chelsea in 2014. Together, they have one child and are expecting their second in October. Zahyra and Chelsea moved from Daly City to Petaluma to raise their children and are proud to be one of the hundreds of LGBTQI families living in Sonoma County.

The obstacles Zahyra had to endure growing up and then with the 2016 election are the driving force behind her activism for Immigrant and LGBTQI rights and recognition.

Zahyra is part of Together We Will Stand Indivisible Petaluma, which is a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump agenda. Accomplishments include being part of the coalition that successfully persuaded the Petaluma City Council to adopt the resolution "It Won't Happen Here," a declaration for Petaluma to become a sanctuary city. Most recently, Zahyra was the lead Indivisible organizer of the Charlottesville rally in Petaluma that drew over 300 people including Representative Jared Huffman, Sonoma County Sheriff Candidate John Mutz, and Petaluma Vice Mayor Teresa Barrett.

Zahyra is part of the core group of parents who formed North Bay LGBTQI Families, a fiscally sponsored project of Our Family Coaltion, an organization representing and advocating for Sonoma County’s LGBTQI parent-led families and their children. Her work with North Bay LGBTQI Families is as a community organizer, activist and vital support for the group’s annual events - the Family Formation Symposium, the Family Pride Campout, and the LGBTQI Family Contingent in the Sonoma County Pride Parade. Zahyra focuses on intersectionality within the Sonoma County LGBTQI Family community and is dedicated to raising awareness of queer families and their unique needs in rural Sonoma County.


Photo by Sarah Deragon, The Identity Project



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